Rideet One



Rideet One is the first universal smart assistant for motorcycles.
Transform any bike in a smart vehicle and live a new bike experience.

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Discover Rideet One, the first universal smart assistant for motorcycles.
Install Rideet One in your bike in few minutes and connect with the Rideet app on your smartphone.
Thanks to the embedded satellite system, the high-precision sensors and the always-on network connection, you will be able to talk with your bike from anywhere and manage:

  • Performance measuring (telemetrics, drag, wheelies, ...)
  • Bike security (satellite antitheft, geofencing, position streaming, ...)
  • Rider safety (accidents recognition, medical info sharing, ...)
  • Maintenance assistance (specific maintenance alerts, deadlines, battery level, ...)
  • Trips management (automatic trips recognition, trips management, ...)
Bring your bike into the smart vehicle era.

Discover more about Rideet One here.

Rideet One requires an active subscription to work.
Every Rideet purchase includes 1 full year of subscription for free!
More info here.

In the package you'll find:

  • 1 x Rideet One
  • 1 x Rideet Key
  • 1 x T-tap (optional)
Rideet One requires an active subscription to work. 
You can subscribe directly in the app. 

Every Rideet purchase includes 1 full year of subscription for free.
Just create an account and activate your Rideet One. You will find the active subscription in the app in Settings > Connectivity.

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