Rideet Key


Additional Rideet Key to use your Rideet One equipped bike with multiple key sets.

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Get an additional Rideet Key for your Rideet One. 

Thanks to the Rideet Key in your keychain, Rideet One automatically recognizes your presence around your bike and enables/disables the satellite antitheft. 
Unlike any other device, you don't have to press any button - never. 

To activate your additional Key you must send an email to activation@rideet.com and provide us:
  • proof of purchase of your Rideet One
  • your active Rideet One serial number

In the package you'll find:

  • 1 x Rideet One
  • 1 x Rideet Key
  • 1 x T-tap (optional)
Rideet One requires an active subscription to work. 
You can subscribe directly in the app. 

Every Rideet purchase includes 1 full year of subscription for free.
Just create an account and activate your Rideet One. You will find the active subscription in the app in Settings > Connectivity.

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